Home Delivery

Home Delivery is done in partnership with TakeAway.Com and UberEats. Delivery is done by bicycle up to a distance of about 3 km from our restaurant. Please go to their website to check if they deliver to your place and to place your order. Orderprocessing, payment and delivery are all done by partners : www.UberEats.comwww.TakeAway.com.

If you prefer to pickup your order at our restaurant, then place your order directly with us by phone or by email. Please note that we cannot forward your order to our partners.

We aim to keep developing our home delivery by increasing the high quality products for you to choose from. Please, let us know your delivery experience and send any suggestion you have to info@amatsu.be.

A few tips and remarks :

  • We are not a fastfood restaurant. Please allow us time to prepare the delicious dishes you like to enjoy. 
  • When you place a lastminute order, please be aware that either or both Amatsu and and our delivery partner might first need to finish orders already placed, especially during rush hours between 19h-20.30h.

Enjoy your meal !