Note: Tariffs of the Parking Garages have been reduced to pre-Circulationplan level.


Japanese Restaurant Amatsu is located right in the middle of the City Center, at Hoogpoort 29, Ghent (postal code 9000).

We are located in the Pedestrian Area with easy access by bus, tram and from many Parking Garages in the City Center of Ghent. The Pedestrian Area is only accessible to cars with special permits (and has no parking spaces for cars).We recommend parking in Parking Garage, which is convenient and accessible in Ghent.

When using your GPS to drive to Ghent, please note that the roads in the City Center were changed significantly in April 2017 with the so-called Circulation Plan. At the Website of Ghent Mobility you can find more information about the Circulation plan and which brand of GPS software is updated with its changes.


For a higher resolution map, please click Map of Ghent Parking

Parking Garage

The City Center of Ghent, inside the Circular Inner City Road (R40/N430), is organized into 4 separate sectors. A sector is only accessible from the Circular Inner City Road. The Parking Garages are divided among the sectors. The Parking Garages mentioned below are within 10 minutes walk from our restaurant.

Please note that many one-way roads make it difficult to return to a Parking Garage once you have passed. We recommend to take the first Parking Garage with available space instead of driving around to find the closest or nicest one. The arrows specify if you can drive between the Parking Garages (<—>) without returning to the Circular Inner City road or it is one-way (—>).

Parking Garages in the City Center of Ghent, organized by access road to the City Center :

1) Highway E17 exit “Gent-Centrum” :  Zuid  —>  Reep  <—>  Vrijdagsmarkt

2) Kortrijksepoortstraat :  Savaanstraat  <—>  Kouter  —>  Center  —>  Zuid

3) Bernard Spaelaan / Hoogstraat :  St-Michiels  <—>  Ramen

4) Dampoortstraat / Brusselsepoortstraat :  Reep  <—>  Vrijdagsmarkt

5) Tolhuislaan / Sleepstraat :  Vrijdagsmarkt


Public Transport

Tram/Bus company “De Lijn is the only provider of public transport in Ghent. On their website you can plan your trip. Many Bus/Tram Stop are within 5 minutes walking distance to our restaurant.

Bus stop : Korenmarkt, Stadhuis, Sint-Jacob.

Tram stop : Korenmarkt, Gravensteen


Park and Ride

Ghent offers many Park & Rides outside of the Circular Inner City Road R40/N430. All P+R are free of charge except “Sint-Pieters Station” and “Galveston”.

On the Map of Ghent Parking you can see whether the P+R is connected to the City Center by a Bus, Tram, or (free) Shuttle. At the Website of Ghent Mobility you can find more information about P+R.


Street Parking

There are limited parking slots for Visitors along the streets in the City Center, most being designated for Residents (“BEWONERS”). Street parking is usually free of charge on Sunday only. Street parking is enforced day and night by many City Vehicles driving around with cameras. We recommend the use of Parking Garages.